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Mark Ibrahim

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A military veteran and an off-duty DEA agent on January 6, Mark Ibrahim attended the political protest outside the Capitol Building. He was entirely peaceful, stayed outside the building at all times, defended police officers against angered protesters, and then lamented the breakdown of what started as a peaceful protest. He was nonetheless fired and then criminally charged for his presence at the outdoor protest. One charge has been dismissed on a defense motion, another was appealed interlocutory to the Supreme Court, where it was denied at the pre-trial stage. Read more here.

Commonwealth of Virginia
Harry Jackson


Dr. Jackson is a professor at numerous colleges and universities and an education activist in Fairfax County, Virginia. He is also the African American Community Liaison for Fairfax GOP and campaigned for Governor Youngkin as part of Educators for Youngkin. Dr. Jackson retired from the U.S. Navy after honorably serving our country.

Dr. Harry Jackson was criminally prosecuted by the Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for exercising his First Amendment rights as a conservative.

Harry Jackson was unconstitutionally prosecuted for the allegedly offensive content of his Tweets and a YouTube video – criminal persecution in violation of Dr. Jackson’s First Amendment rights – for using the word “groomer” on social media to describe his concerns after witnessing an adult’s interaction with a minor. Yes, seriously, see the allegations below.

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RightDefense.org is a conservative criminal justice project of the Coolidge Reagan Foundation (est. 2014).

RightDefense.org was launched in 2022 to help conservatives thrust into the criminal justice system for exercising their rights or engaging in constitutionally-protected activities to afford experienced criminal defense representation services. RightDefense.org aims to assist in funding the legal fees of conservative lawyers defending conservative individuals charged with criminal offenses in Washington DC or Virginia.

Donations are managed by the Coolidge Reagan Foundation. Transparency is key: other than credit card processing fees, 100% of the funds raised go to attorneys that represent the persecuted conservatives. No one working for RightDefense.org is receiving payment for their work in the organization. We are donating our services to run this organization while you donate funds. The lawyers actually performing legal work for the selected defendants will be paid for their work through your donations. Please donate to help cover legal fees using the link below.

Donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes to the extent allowed by law.


The RightDefense.org criminal justice initiative is led by renowned attorney Marina Medvin, an experienced trial lawyer who has represented defendants in the full spectrum of state and federal criminal prosecutions. Ms. Medvin is also known as a conservative columnist and a patriot advocate who has represented various January 6 protesters. Ms. Medvin will be personally representing some of the RightDefense.org cases, in addition to donating administrative services to this organization.

Case eligibility will be pre-screened and reviewed by the intake committee. Cases eligible for consideration: the criminalization of free speech, non-violent criminal charges following protests, and the prosecution of self-defense.

Conservative defendants charged with criminal offenses in Virginia or Washington DC can submit their case for consideration via email. Write “RightDefense.org” in the subject line and include your charging documents as PDF attachments when submitting your case for consideration. RightDefense.org resources are limited by donations and attorney availability. We cannot promise a response to all inquiries, but we will try. Do not include confidential statements in email correspondences.

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Appellate Counsel

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